How We Choose Our Products

How We Choose Our Products

From one gamekeeper to another, Trying new products from companies that just want to sell to you can be frustrating. Over the years we have called companies to ask how an item works/performs, but mostly they haven’t any idea – they just want to sell, sell, sell.  

That’s why we setup “Jolly Gamekeeper Supplies Ltd” which offers a great selection of quality and personally tested products - with more to be added once we have tried them out ourselves and can attest to their quality.

With our experience running shoots, we know you need supplies, whether it be for yourself, the chicks, poults, feeders, drinkers, medicine etc.

We are strong believers that one should be fully behind the product one sells and that’s why we test our products in the field before adding them to our stock list.

So if you see an item for sale by us, you know it’s fit for purpose.

Birds with feeder and drinker

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