Our Crufts Successes

Our Crufts Successes

It goes without saying that gamekeeping and dogs go “hand in paw” and here at Jolly Gamekeeper we are equally passionate about both. 

Our knowledge of gamekeeping is based on practical knowledge rather than the theoretical and the desire to just sell product. Coupled with years of showing dogs and winning prizes at Crufts, we again display our desire for practical knowledge and perform at the highest level, on the world stage. 

We have a long history with Crufts and this year alone (2023) we took home 4 trophies, including "Gamekeepers best dog" and ultimately made it to the famed “Main arena”

Although everyone (even none dog lovers) have heard of “best in show”, gamekeepers hold a special place and a long history at Crufts.

The Gamekeepers’ Ring is a historically important ring at Crufts. In the early days it was also one of the busiest, recognised by gamekeepers across the country as a signal to the ending of another shooting season and a focal point in the calendar.

Cruft themselves understand the importance of Gamekeepers;

“Crufts is ultimately a celebration of all dogs. It celebrates working dogs, which are fit and healthy enough to perform the jobs for which they were originally bred, such as those in the gamekeeper classes”

We are incredibly proud of our gamekeeping and dog showing history and will continue to do both  for years to come.


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